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About Quasar's Galapagos Luxury Cruises

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29 Years in Galapagos

Second Oldest Tour Operator on the Islands

More than 150,000 happy guests

Only Level 3 Naturalists

More private and personal adventures

Eco-friendly and low-impact trips

The Quasar Experience

With Quasar Expeditions, one of the most experienced names in Galapagos luxury cruises for over a quarter century, you will encounter giant Galapagos tortoises, prehistoric marine iguanas and unique species of penguins, flightless cormorants and pink flamingos up close and personal. Guided along your Galapagos luxury cruise by the finest and most experienced naturalists, you will feel like you are the first people to come across this natural paradise.

When you plan your Galapagos luxury cruise with us, not only will you enjoy the experience of a lifetime but you also help preserving the Galapagos Islands and any other destination in mainland Ecuador. We want guests aboard our luxury cruises to know that their journey and participation has not harmed the Galapagos, but has supported conservation projects to protect and preserve it.

To compliment your Galapagos luxury cruise experience, you will be treated to the special amenities and service found only on Quasar’s distinctive private Galapagos cruises, combining the service of a small inn, while outfitted for a true expedition.

A Legacy in Galapagos

Our unmatched Galapagos luxury cruises set the standard for excellence in service, accommodations, cuisine and guidance.

Quasar has a 29-year history of luxury cruises; the second-oldest tour operator in the Galapagos Islands

We were the first operator to offer Galapagos luxury cruises

We were the first to provide professional Galapagos diving cruises in the Islands.

Our Commitment to You

There is simply no better way to experience the Galapagos Islands than aboard our Galapagos luxury cruises. Quasar Expeditions offers:

The perfect blend of pampering and adventure

Exclusive small groups allow guests aboard our Galapagos luxury cruises to have intimate access to nature

Plenty of opportunities for personal encounters with wildlife

Knowledgeable guides and friendly staff who will greet you by name

Our Galapagos luxury cruises will make you feel right at home in your elegant, cozy cabin with first-class service, refined social spaces and the finest cuisine.

Preserving our Planet

Our love for nature and the magic of these Islands that inspired us to offer Galapagos Luxury Cruises 29 years ago. Evident in our conservation projects, our mission is to preserve the ecosystem of the Galapagos: the size of our vessels allows our guests to experience Galapagos luxury cruises and leave the islands unharmed. This philosophy is applied in all our Galapagos luxury cruises and is reflected in our active participation of conservation projects and support for several environmental organizations.

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