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Why a Galapagos Adventure is on My Bucket List

Why a Galapagos Adventure is on My Bucket List
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Why do I want to see the Galapagos Islands? Because I love nature! I have a nature blog ( where I blog about all the flora & fauna I find on my home farm in Indiana. And its surprisingly a lot! I love discovering the birds, amphibians, reptiles, galapagos mammals & even insects in my back yard. With the Galapagos animals not having an innate fear of humans, I can’t imagine not having to quietly tiptoe up on a wild animal in order to photograph it. What a delight to snap a picture of a turtle and get more then the splash as he slips into the water! Or to observe a bird behaving in a natural way, unperturbed by my presence. And what a thrill to be able to blog about all the wildlife and tropical splendor of the Galapagos. A Galapagos Islands cruise is definitely at the top of my bucket list!

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